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Somasundaram L

India - Local Economic Environment Program

Rural Market Insight
David Fuente

RMI seeks to improve the impact of social venture investing and social enterprise by delivering deep, actionable insight into rural market behavior.


India's Solar Mission: More light needed
Author(s):Sujatha Byravan

The government's focus on solar energy is driven by the need to demonstrate a commitment to renewable energy. But equity too is vital for the success of the National Solar Mission.

The REDD path to Forest Conservation
Type:Working paper
Author(s):Snehashis Sarkar

The piece harps on importance of forest, biodiversity and people nexus for climate care. Emissions from deforestation and degradation in developing countries can be reduced permanently (at least for a longer run) and effectively only if biodiversity and the interests of forest dependent communities are taken care of in the righteous way. This is pivotal to long-term success of any REDD initiative as well as an inclusive strategy to maximize socio-environmental benefits from climate investments in avoided deforestation/forest conservation projects.

Impact Evaluation and Public Sector Programs in India: What Can We Do Right Now
Author(s):Jay ChaudhuriElizabeth Mathew

This paper explores the existing gaps in the way centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) are evaluated for their impact in the Indian public sector. The authors identify an ideal type model for a public sector impact evaluation mechanism that would be both effective and feasible to implement.

Program areas

Rural Infrastructure and Governance

RIG works with governments, social entrepreneurs, and civil society groups to improve the efficacy of public and private development finance for critical infrastructure and services throughout rural India.

Urban Infrastructure and Governance

UIG conducts research and engages public and private sector stakeholders to develop solutions to promote inclusive access to high quality infrastructure and services.

Environmentally Sustainable Finance

We support scalable private and community interventions as well as policies to make India's economy more environmentally sustainable from the bottom up.

Strategy Advisory Group

We draw on cutting edge academic research, business management tools, and systems development expertise to help socially-focused organizations and entrepreneurs catalyze their impact on development in India.