Helping Markets and States Work for Development

Visualizing Development

Development Data Library is an online repository for development data and analysis on India. Designed for researchers, students, community organizations, and policymakers to quickly and efficiently share primary data, it can accept all common formats and does not require any harmonization or other data processing. The site allows users to upload, search, view, download, rate and comment on datasets. It also features a maps section which shows the datasets available for a particular geography, down to district level, and for a particular category and sub category. The database can also be accessed through the map interface.
Visit: www.developmentdatalibrary.in

"Transparent Chennai," an interactive map, provides a means of reporting public works that could potentially empower citizens. This map enables users to map existing public works and services, but it goes one step further, and attempts to put that data into context. As a beginning, this project by maps various large scale transport infrastructure projects in the city of Chennai along with selected demographic layers within ward boundaries as well as a layers showing slum evictions and environmentally sensitive areas.
Visit: www.transparentchennai.com

India Pollution Map is an online repository for information on pollution monitoring in India. The site has now incorporated all the locations of sensors (pollution monitoring stations) for two pilot states, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, as well as for some regions of India based on data from official government agencies designated with the responsibility of monitoring. All the pollution monitoring information can be overlaid with key development-related data (socio-economic, agricultural and health) so that the user can make socially and geographically relevant interpretations about pollution levels and pollution monitoring for his/her purposes.
Visit: www.indiapollutionmap.org

India Development Indicators is an online platform that leverages existing investments in data by standardizing, harmonizing, and visualizing development data at various resolutions such as state, district, parliamentary constituency etc. The site allows users to visualize indicators using maps, charts, rankings, etc. We have uploaded several pan-India datasets as well detailed state specific datasets for 4 states and more is on the way. The site is fully functional but various sections are still under development and we hope to improve several aspects of the navigation soon.

District Mapping reflects sub-district level economic statistics of Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts, which are among the more backward and rural districts of Tamil Nadu. Initially, the site displays agriculture and animal husbandry related data along with data on three important economic activities for these two districts, namely dairy, agriculture and tourism. Block level data, particularly across contiguous districts could provide important analytical insights on cooperative planning – as it provides not only the sub-district variations, but also shows if there are contiguous boundaries – across districts in specific geographies – where interventions are needed.
Visit: www.districtmapping.com

Green India Standards displays a variety of environmental indicators and data for Indian states based on the Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) developed at CDF. Other than presenting the results of ESI, the site also allows users to selectively compare indicators and states. The detailed methodology used in the study is also available on the site.
Visit: www.greenindiastandards.com

The Economic Governance website displays the results of the Economic Environment Index (EEI) developed by CDF. EEI is a study to measure the reach of governance to the constituents of the economy - households and firms. It measures the enabling environment provided by the governance system for the economy. There have been other studies to measure the Economic Governance Index (EGI), particularly in countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia. This is a first of its kind initiative in India, where the Development Metrics team at CDF is developing the index for the districts of Tamil Nadu.
Visit: www.economicgovernance.com

The Economic Activities website depicts the intensity of economic activity, as measured by financial services activity, at the district level in India under 12 broad categories: agriculture, manufacturing and processing, mining and quarrying, electricity and fuel, professional services, retail trade, wholesale trade, construction, loans for consumer durables, housing loans, other personal loans, financial services, village and tiny industries and small scale industries.