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Developing a viable waste management plan for small and tiny food establishments in Thanjavur
Rajesh Rangarajan

The MSW project aims to identify the potential for energy generation (through non-combustion options) from waste generated at small and tiny food establishments in Thanjavur district

Changing course - India's Coastline and the new coastal regulatory regime
Rajesh Rangarajan

The Coastal Regulation Zone legislation is likely to undergo change which may potentially impact the coast and its communities. Will it be improved to make a comprehensive legislation that will protect the coast?

Activating Environmental Information - Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) for India
Rajesh Rangarajan

The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) is a publicly available database that contains detailed information on toxic chemical releases (emissions, effluents & hazardous waste & other waste management activities) reported periodically by government and private industries. The goal of a TRI is to empower citizens through information and hold companies and local governments accountable in terms of how toxic chemicals are managed. How can we contribute to the creation of a TRI in India?

Pollution Map for India
Rajesh Rangarajan

A central repository for data from public and private pollution sensors across India. The information on environmental monitoring is presented through interesting visualizations juxtaposed to socio-economic data to develop potential interpretations and inferences which in turn will feed directly into local debates, and catalyse a more informed stand on the adequacy of measurement and the level of pollution.