Streamlining Your Office Expenses

The U.S. business sector disburses billions of dollars annually on office supplies. Businesses that fail to streamline their office expenses would certainly enter into the composition of this worrying statistic. In other words, those on the buying end of this business experience heavy expenses in the acquisition of office supplies. Moreover, the difficult economy is [...]



Money Lending Websites: Too Good to be True?

The latest phenomena to occur from the current debt crisis is that of the ‘money lending website’; a group of different websites which promise to give you a substantial loan often regardless of your credit history. Although these websites may seem like a sure-fire way to get out of your impending money problems, they are [...]



What are Your Legal Rights Regarding Overdraft Charges?

There are two kinds of overdraft, these are unauthorised overdrafts and authorised overdrafts. If you are being charged by your bank for an overdraft that is unauthorised the charges will be far higher than the overdraft charges for an authorised overdraft.