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The Base of Pyramid distribution challenge

- by Sachin Shukla and Sreyamsa Bairiganjan

Climate Change: Sea Level Rise
Sujatha Byravan

Impact on Major Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Land along the Tamil Nadu Coast

Transparent Chennai - Maps, Data, Insights
Nithya Raman

Transparent Chennai tries to provide useful, easy-to-understand information about the city that can improve government accountability and empower residents to take action. The site empowers citizens by providing interactive information about their city that helps them to better understand city needs and government performance.

Program areas

Research Network

CDF Network of researchers who collaborate on various projects

Rural Infrastructure and Governance

RIG works with governments, social entrepreneurs, and civil society groups to improve the efficacy of public and private development finance for critical infrastructure and services throughout rural India.

Urban Infrastructure and Governance

UIG conducts research and engages public and private sector stakeholders to develop solutions to promote inclusive access to high quality infrastructure and services.

Environmentally Sustainable Finance

We support scalable private and community interventions as well as policies to make India's economy more environmentally sustainable from the bottom up.

Strategy Advisory Group

We draw on cutting edge academic research, business management tools, and systems development expertise to help socially-focused organizations and entrepreneurs catalyze their impact on development in India.

Development Metrics

Seeking to break the information asymmetry at various levels to foster development