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Rural Infrastructure and Governance

RIG works with governments, social entrepreneurs, and civil society groups to improve the efficacy of public and private development finance for critical infrastructure and services throughout rural India.

Urban Infrastructure and Governance

UIG conducts research and engages public and private sector stakeholders to develop solutions to promote inclusive access to high quality infrastructure and services.

India Review - CDF Special Guest Edition
Jay Chaudhuri

CDF will provide papers to an upcoming edition of India Review, which will focus on outcomes and accountaibility in centrally sponsored schemes.

From Outlays to Outcomes: Getting Development From Development Expenditure
Jay Chaudhuri

Conference brought together members of academica, civil society, government, and research organizations to deliberate and discuss accountability and outcomes in CSS.

Centrally Sponsored Schemes
Jay Chaudhuri

This workprogram focuses on the analysis and evalaution of public expenditure in India. Furthermore CDF examines the unique delivery mechanisms which influence the program delivery, effectiveness, and achievement of outcomes in the centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) of GoI.