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The Base of Pyramid distribution challenge

- by Sachin Shukla and Sreyamsa Bairiganjan

Climate Change: Sea Level Rise
Sujatha Byravan

Impact on Major Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Land along the Tamil Nadu Coast

Transparent Chennai - Maps, Data, Insights
Nithya Raman

Transparent Chennai tries to provide useful, easy-to-understand information about the city that can improve government accountability and empower residents to take action. The site empowers citizens by providing interactive information about their city that helps them to better understand city needs and government performance.

Power to the People: Investing in Clean Energy for the Base of the Pyramid in India
Santosh Singh

CDF-IFMR and WRI will host a launch event to release their new publication ‘Power to the People: Investing in Clean Energy for the Base of the Pyramid in India’ in Mumbai, on September 28th, 2010

Somasundaram L

India - Local Economic Environment Program

Information, Information Technology, and Local Governance
Jessica Wallack

This initiative combines institutional analysis and technology insight to identify specific ways to improve local governance in India.

Environmental Policy and Sustainability
Koyel Mandal

This initiative seeks to contribute research insights on environmental policy issues at the national, state and regional levels with specific focus on energy, transportation, forestry and climate change.

Environmental Quality and Justice
Koyel Mandal

This initiative seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of current institutional arrangements for enforcing environmental legislation and regulations in India and identifying ways in which implementation can be improved.