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The Full Climate Change Tale
Author(s):Jessica Wallack

Editorial from Mint, India's affiliate of the Wall Street Journal on opportunities for rapid impact on climate change. 

The Other Climate Changers
Author(s):Jessica Wallack

Link to article in Foreign Affairs, September/October 2009 issue on the strategic potential of reducing black carbon and ozone as a fast-acting way to mitigate climate change.

Environmentally Sustainable Finance

We support scalable private and community interventions as well as policies to make India's economy more environmentally sustainable from the bottom up.

Black Carbon: Strategies for Emissions Reduction
Jessica Wallack

This initiative seeks to identify policies and business models to reduce emissions from both fossil fuel and biomass sources. We are currently focusing on ways to reduce household and small industry emissions given the health co-benefits. We will be looking at transport-related emissions in the near future.

Climate Change: Institutions, Information, Infrastructure....and Adaptation
Jessica Wallack

What determines peoples' awareness of climate change and risks? How can these be effectively communicated? And how can responses to these risks be unfettered?