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National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
Author(s):Jay Chaudhuri

A flagship programme of the UPA government, the NREGS was announced in 2005. It was introduced in 200 of the country’s most backward districts in 2006 and was expanded to cover all 615 rural districts across India in 2008. Today, NREGS is the largest work guarantee programme in the world. This scheme brief examines some of the challenges the scheme faces and also summarizes evidence regarding progress towards meeting the scheme’s stated objectives.

Impact Evaluation and Public Sector Programs in India: What Can We Do Right Now
Author(s):Jay ChaudhuriElizabeth Mathew

This paper explores the existing gaps in the way centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) are evaluated for their impact in the Indian public sector. The authors identify an ideal type model for a public sector impact evaluation mechanism that would be both effective and feasible to implement.

Professor Nirvikar Singh - Editorial discussing Outlays to Outcomes Conference
Author(s):Jay Chaudhuri

Professor of Economics at UC Santa Cruz, Nirvikar Singh asks in a LiveMinst Op-Ed, "Can a poor country such as India have a more efficient government, one which spends more effectively?". This article builds on the issues presented by Professor Singh  at the Outlays to Outcomes Conference in Delhi.