Latest Happy Mothers Day Quotes and Sayings

Mothers Day is a modern celebration which became popular worldwide after United States made it a public holiday since year 1914. The day is celebrated every year in May month. Mothers Day becae a recognized day in US due to efforts of Anna Jarvis who took up the movement to dedicate a day to praise and honour all mothers. A woman’s hard efforts and sacrifices go unnoticed and hence a day has been dedicated to respect her hard work for her children and family. All sons and daughters wish their mothers on this day by sending lovely lines to express love and thanks.

We have shared here some best and inspiring Mothers Day Quotes and Mothers Day Sayings that you can use to wish your mother. The compilation contains lines that truly pays respect to your mother and her countless gifts to you.

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Collection of Inspiring Mothers Day Quotes

Mother I never told you how much I loved you and cared for you. You have a special place in my heart and I Love you! Wishing you a charming mothers day!

I cannot imagine what my life would have been without your love and care. Your support has been my way and my resting place. You gave me a wonderful life and a wonderful way of living. Happy Mothers Day Wishes!

A mother is never alone. She is always thinking twice. Once for her and once for her child.

Dear Mom I will make sure your day if full of joy and laughter that you truly deserve!

You are the only one who knew how to turn my sad face to a smiley one! You always made me happy and made sure I never feel lonely! Missing you a lot on this day!

Thanks for all the cookies you baked for me. Thanks for all prayers you said for me and thanks for your infinite blessings that follow me everywhere!

There are no enough words so beautiful to tell you how much I Love you! Wishing you a great Mothers Day!

Before the day arrives prep with best Mothers Day Quotes click here and Verses to send warm wishes to your Mother. A relation we share with our Mom is very precious and we treasure it in our heart for always. But Mothers Day celebrations brings a day to express your love and dedication for your mother. Make her feel special by sending her touching words in form of Mothers Day Quotes.

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